I really liked this kind of experiential workshop. It gave me a chance to connect with myself, and use dance in a non-verbal way to connect with others. It was my first time and it felt great. The music was so magical; the different songs brought up different feelings-some felt very healing and others brought me joy. The  teachers are very experienced and were able to lead us to a deep experience.
~Azhang Yuan, Beijing 2018~

Amazing! My body feels so yum after this class!  So great to have a space to fully meet with each other!! Thanks Andy!
~Northern California Dance Camp Participant, June 2018~

I realized that free dance is such an amazing way to naturally dissolve the  barriers between each other through synergistic connection.  This free dance doesn’t need any previous dance training or any special technique.  In  just having our eyes gazing, a  timeless force naturally arises, and my body could clearly feel that energetic field.  The class was very enjoyable, beyond language. Through authentic movement even those of us who met for the first time connected deeply; it was beyond magic and intoxicating. I am grateful for Andy and Xiaojuan.
~Idu Xing Cai, Beijing 2018~

The class was only 4 hours, but it felt like we’ve been together for a very long time- I felt very free. If you are nervous and tight, you are not free. With such a simple method to open up ourselves, maybe in our life, we will not be so nervous and tight, and will be faster to relax into a new group in the future.|
~Chengdu, China Class Participant, March 2018~

I had never considered a dance workshop before this one; even the idea would scare me. The experience, however, has totally changed my attitude towards dancing. With their step by step facilitation, I felt more and more relaxed and connected with my body and other participants with whom I met for the first time. Within only half a day, I could see the energy of the group and each individual had dramatically and miraculously changed.
~Da Qing~ 
Each of us is fundamentally free, with the capacity of enjoying true freedom, but due to many limiting factors in our lives, we have to put on masks. During the final exercise of “Authentic Movement,” I felt it was my truest self [who was dancing], and I was completely relaxed into this state of being free, and enjoying the returning to that feeling of liberating existence.|
~Chengdu, China Class Participant, March 2018~

This afternoon filled with joy and both my body and heart were relaxed, and, as a professional masseur myself, I was surprised to see massage could be interpreted into dance, and turned into rhythms  and free-form dance. I was deeply impressed and also curious to discover such a way of expression. Also, in our lives, we are not dancers, but after today’s workshop, I found that I could finally open up and express my feelings through my body. Awesome experience!
~Chengdu, China Class Participant, March 2018~

I don’t like socializing. This is the first time that I shared in any salon. When I just arrived here earlier, I felt I was alone, but gradually, I began to have body contacts with other participants and connect with everyone. In the process of establishing connection, I felt warmth, gentleness and kindness, and I dropped my defense, broke out of the confinement of my little self, and expanded myself to the whole group, the whole room, and at the end, I could dance freely in relaxation. I thank everyone here, thanks the teachers for giving me such an opportunity to feel kindness in this world. Thanks everyone.
~Chengdu, China Class Participant, March 2018~

What touched me the most is the sense of identity. We each takes all kinds of roles in society: At home, we may be older sisters, daughters, mothers; at work, we might be general managers, or an ordinary staff. But what’s special about today’s workshop is that we all dropped our imposed identities from society, family, and enjoyed only being ourselves. It was very enjoyable.
~Chengdu, China Class Participant, March 2018~

I used to be a shy person, but today’s workshop was like a catalyst. During each of the interactive exercises, our hearts quickly opened and the group was integrated into one. In the past, I’ve always felt like an outsider, I am me, and you are you- it has been very difficult to be part of a group. But after today’s workshop,  it feels different.
~Chengdu, China Class Participant, March 2018~