Andy Peri Bio

Born and raised in Marin County, California, Andy Peri has been a practitioner of Buddhist meditation and a member of the conscious dance community in Northern California for more than 25 years.  Andy Head ShotAndy brings many years of teaching experience with children, teachers and in the university to his workshops. After spending most of his adult life working to protect and heal the ecological environment, working in the areas of water quality,  sustainable transportation, public health and stream and marine habitat protection, he is now passionate in healing the purity of human mind and heart. Andy has been doing Contact Improv since 2005 and teaching Contage since 2008. He enjoys dancing, studying Mandarin, hiking, bicycling, playing music, videography, DJing and meditating. During his first trip to China in early 2017, Andy fell in love with Chinese people, culture, and the language and has continued to teach there since. 

Xiao Shu Bio

Born and raised in Jiangsu Province in China, Xiao has been on a healing journey of self-discovery since 2010 after leaving her work at an international accounting firm in San Francisco.  She examines her life through writing and performing her own stories on stage, which has led to the completion of her 80 minute one-person show. Xiao leads virtual women’s circles for women who are following their true calling and stepping into their natural leadership roles with clarity and courage. Besides storytelling and women’s circle, she immerses herself in learning Nature Connecting, permaculture, community building, systems view, meditation, and dance.  She looks forward to continuing to share with her peers here in the US and in her birth country what she’s learned through her personal search for meaning in this life.