Little Spark- 2019- 小火花

Little Spark Contage workshops provide an opportunity to experience movement of our bodies in new and different ways. Using simple instructions and demonstrations, participants expand their awareness by connecting more deeply with their own emotional and physical bodies, and begin to see their tendencies of grasping. Our tendency to hold-on both physically and emotionally to the past and worries of the future leads to suffering.


By moving together with awareness and attention, there is an opportunity to release stress, access more depth, ease and gain insight into the the inner workings of our mind and body, and experience a deeper sense of joy. 


As we become more grounded in our bodies we are more able to more fully connect at deeper levels with ourselves and  others,  helping to cultivate freedom, connection  in our lives. 


Using individual and group exercises, Little Spark Contage workshops provide an opportunity to explore this connection to self and others through contact improv, free-form movement and mindful touch in a safe, joyful, creative and nurturing space.


During the months of June and July 2019, Little Spark Contage workshops will be offered in several cities throughout China.  Specific dates and locations are still to be determined but workshops will be offered in these cities around the following dates:


For dates/locations and to register/make payment for workshops, please use the link below:


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  1. andyjperi says:

    Thank you everyone that attended that Shanghai workshop. It was an utter joy to move and explore with you!!!


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